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Monthly Review: December 2013

Its that time of year when many people reflect on the past year and resolve to be different or to do better next year. As a newby blogger, I get to write my first triple review: this monthly review, followed by a quarterly and an annual review.

The month of December was a busy one for DivGro! I wrote eleven posts, the most of any month in 2013. The main reason is that I made another bonus deposit, which afforded the opportunity to buy 5 more stocks! In the process, I've managed to diversify my holdings in DivGro to several new sectors. DivGro's projected annual dividend income now stands at $2,865, a yield of 3.81% given DivGro's market value of $75,145.

I bought shares of Shaw Communications Inc. (SJR), Northeast Utilities (NU), Target Corporation (TGT), Baxter International, Inc. (BAX) and Walgreen Company (WAG). These buys increased the number of holdings in DivGro to 24 and I now have at least one holding in each sector in my watch list.

I received $262 in dividend payments from 11 stocks this month, increasing total dividend income for 2013 to $1,347. This is the most dividend income I've received in a single month.
Here's an updated chart showing the growth of projected monthly dividend income since January 2013. The growth comes from dividend increases and from new dividend paying stocks being added to DivGro.

For December, projected monthly dividend income is $239, up from $207 last month. I'll continue to reinvest all dividend income, along with cash from regular monthly deposits.
  • Purchases
  • Dividends
    • 2013-12-02: Cash Dividend Receipt COP:  $26.22
    • 2013-12-02: Cash Dividend Receipt AFL:  $18.50
    • 2013-12-02: Cash Dividend Receipt INTC:  $27.00
    • 2013-12-10: Cash Dividend Receipt XOM:  $18.90
    • 2013-12-10: Cash Dividend Receipt CVX:  $25.00
    • 2013-12-12: Cash Dividend Receipt MSFT:  $22.40
    • 2013-12-13: Cash Dividend Receipt VNR:  $37.50
    • 2013-12-16: Cash Dividend Receipt NTT:  $42.04
    • 2013-12-30: Cash Dividend Receipt SJR:  $8.34
    • 2013-12-31: Cash Dividend Receipt NU:  $22.05
    • 2013-12-31: Cash Dividend Receipt TRV:  $14.50
  • Deposits

New Dividends and Dividend Increases:
  • The purchase of SJR added $107.10 of projected annual dividend income.
  • The purchase of NU added $88.20 of projected annual dividend income.
  • The purchase of TGT added $68.80 of projected annual dividend income.
  • The purchase of BAX added $72.52 of projected annual dividend income.
  • The purchase of WAG added $55.44 of projected annual dividend income.
  • NTT'S dividend decrease reduced projected annual dividend income by $11.02.
  • Projected annual dividend income: $2,864.94

Dividend Summary:
  • Dividend income last month: $127.48
  • Dividend income this month: $262.30
  • Total dividend income year-to-date: $1,346.85

Nov 30, 2013
DOW: 16,086.41 S&P 500: 1,805.81 10-YR BOND: 2.74%
Dec 31, 2013
DOW: 16,576.66 S&P 500: 1,848.36 10-YR BOND: 3.03%

The bull market continued in December, with the S&P 500 up 2.36% and the DOW up 3.05%. This is making stock selection for dividend growth investing increasingly difficult!

Portfolio: The following spreadsheet shows DivGro's current holdings:
Yields: The following spreadsheet shows current yield on cost and cumulative dividends received:
Looking Ahead: Soon, I'll post my Q4 review and my first annual review of DivGro. In the new year, I have some stretching goals for DivGro, including trying to earn $3,600 in dividend income and increasing projected annual dividend income to $4,800. I'm increasing my monthly deposits to $2,500 so I can average one stock purchase per month. In 2014, I want to increase the number of holdings in DivGro from 24 to 36.

I want to wish my readers a happy and prosperous new year!


  1. You had one heck of a month! I look forward to the yearly update.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I agree -- nice dividend income of $262 this month and projected annual dividend income of $2,865 to look forward to. I'm working on the Q4 review, which should post tomorrow. I'm hoping to get the annual review out over the weekend.

  2. I like how you layout your pages.

    Great month for you. What company are you DRIP into?

    1. Thanks, FFdividend. I don't use DRIPs in my DivGro account. Dividends are paid out in cash, which I collect and use to buy new stocks with along with my monthly deposit cash.


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