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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

10 Dividend Growth Stocks For March 2015

Includes: ADM • ARLP • BBL • GPS • JNJ • MIC • MSFT • NJR • NOV • PFG • QCOM • RS • TU

David Fish's CCC list is a wonderful resource for dividend growth investors. The list is updated monthly and contains all U.S.-listed stocks that have raised their dividends for at least 5 consecutive years. The latest list (dated 2/27/15) contains 663 stocks, with 105 Dividend Champions (25 or more years), 249 Dividend Contenders (10-24 years), and 309 Dividend Challengers (5-9 years).

Ranking all the stocks in the CCC list would be a daunting task. To simplify things, I apply a series of filters to reduce the CCC list to a more manageable number. Because I have an ongoing goal of balancing my DivGro portfolio across all 10 GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard) sectors, I'm careful to retain a minimum number of stocks per sector.

This month, I ranked 66 stocks using my proprietary ranking system based on fundamental analysis and the dividend discount model. To see this month's top 10 stocks by rank and the 10 sector winners, please read this Seeking Alpha article


  1. I recently bought MSFT and ADM. I'm surprised there aren't more oil and gas majors on your list. I see a lot of people buying NOV, but I have not taken that leap yet. For the time being, I think I have enough oil stocks in my portfolio. Although, I might look back one day and think "Man, I should have bought all oil and gas majors"... but hindsight is 20/20 and who knows what will happen with oil in the future.

    Thanks for the analysis.


    1. Thanks for commenting, ADD -- I own MSFT but not ADM. I'll only be interested in ADM if it trades below $43. Perhaps we'll see the stock price hitting those levels soon. I'm not sure why more oil/gas stocks aren't on my list. It could be that fair value estimates are following the stocks down because future earnings are challenged. In DivGro, I'm overweight in Energy stocks, so I'm not really interested in adding more shares in this sector.

  2. i think i missed a great opportunity toget more RDSB in the recent pullback... as ADD says above though, hindsight in 20:20

    as to your list, I am liking BHP billiton right now. I don't have any mining stocks at all, and they seem to be much stronger than anglo-american.


    1. Hi there, Theres Value!

      I think BBL is a good buy and longterm hold stock. It is cyclical, and some investors are concerned about that and the upcoming spin-off. I doubled my holdings of BBL in DivGro, so I'm not ready to buy more right now.

      Thanks for visiting!

  3. I have loved David fish's listing so much. I am considering whether to sell VTI and buy some of undervalued dividend stocks with the proceeds and his listing will help me so much in evaluating good ones out there.



  4. Hi Be Smart Rich! I agree, the CCC listing is invaluable. Good luck with finding undervalued dividend stocks -- sounds like a fun exercise and a nice way to diversify...



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