Thursday, May 7, 2015

Monthly Review, April 2015

At the end of every month, I review my portfolio of dividend growth stocks and update my blog's Performance page.

In April 2015, I received dividend income totaling $412, an increase of 147% over last April's total dividend income of $167.

DivGro's market value increased to $149,697 and the portfolio is delivering an average yield on cost (YoC) of 4.32%. Projected monthly dividend income increased to $496 from $467 last month.

I added 3 stocks to DivGro in April:
  • initiated a position in Cummins Inc (NYSE:CMI), a leading designer and manufacturer of diesel engines. 
  • I also initiated a position in Qualcomm Inc (NASDAQ:QCOM), a company that offers digital communication products based on CDMA digital technology.
  • Finally, I initiated a position in Omega Healthcare Investors Inc (NYSE: OHI), a REIT that invests in income-producing healthcare facilities in the United States. 

  • Purchases
  • Dividends
    • 2015-04-01: Cash Dividend Receipt BAX: $19.24
    • 2015-04-01: Cash Dividend Receipt PNNT: $60.20
    • 2015-04-06: Cash Dividend Receipt WMT: $16.66
    • 2015-04-10: Cash Dividend Receipt MO: $39.00
    • 2015-04-10: Cash Dividend Receipt PM: $31.00
    • 2015-04-14: Cash Dividend Receipt VNR: $21.15
    • 2015-04-15: Cash Dividend Receipt STWD: $52.80
    • 2015-04-15: Cash Dividend Receipt O: $9.48
    • 2015-04-22: Cash Dividend Receipt ACE: $15.60
    • 2015-04-23: Cash Dividend Receipt TROW: $60.00
    • 2015-04-29: Cash Dividend Receipt PMT: $73.20
    • 2015-04-29: Cash Dividend Receipt GPS: $13.80
  • Deposits
    • 2015-04-08: Passive Income Cash Deposit: $250.00
    • 2015-04-22: Passive Income Cash Deposit: $736.00
    • 2015-04-29: May Cash Deposit: $2,500.00

Changes in Projected Annual Dividend Income:
  • The purchase of 37 QCOM shares added $71.04.
  • The purchase of 19 CMI shares added $59.28.
  • The purchase of 65 OHI shares added $140.40.
  • TRV's dividend increase added $6.96.
  • JNJ's dividend increase added $6.00.
  • IBM's dividend increase added $24.00.
  • XOM's dividend increase added $4.80.
  • APU's dividend increase added $19.20.
  • ETP's dividend increase added $8.00.
  • Projected annual dividend income (30 April 2015): $5,948.77.

Dividend Summary:
  • Dividend income last month: $647.88
  • Dividend income this month: $412.13
  • Total dividend income year-to-date: $1,749.95

Mar 31, 2015
DOW: 17,776.12S&P 500: 2,067.89 10-YR BOND: 1.93%
Apr 30, 2015
DOW: 17,840.52S&P 500: 2,085.51 10-YR BOND: 2.05%

In April, the Dow gained 0.36% and the S&P 500 gained 0.85%. In comparison, DivGro gained 2.29%.

Portfolio: click on the triangle to see a snapshot of DivGro's state on 30 April 2015.

Goals Progress: Below is a chart showing the progress I'm making on 2015 goals. I'll have to work much harder on my weight loss goal after some slippage in April. For the rest, I'm satisfied with my progress.

Looking Ahead: I have enough cash for two new buys in May. Look for a new post in my 10 Dividend Growth Stocks series, soon.

Thanks for reading! 


  1. I noticed an oversight under the heading "Changes in Projected Annual Dividend Income"
    The purchase of 65 OHI shares added $140.40

    Last time I checked, OHI pays dividend quarterly not monthly, So the annual dividend income should be $46.80 (65x0.18) not $140.40

    I only noticed this because I'm always on the lookout for solid high paying dividend stocks and this one (OHI) looked too good to be true ;)

    1. bikndana,
      Annual dividend from OHI is $2.16 - so, 65*2.16 = $140.4 is correct.

      The last payment was split into pro-rated dividends of $0.36 and $0.18 due to the merger with AVIV REIT.

    2. R2R is correct. Please also see my explanation here:

  2. Hey DivGro,
    The REIT sector looks to be coming down a little and I am taking a hard look at STOR, O, and OHI. STOR is new but I think it might provide more growth than O and OHI. Any thoughts?

    1. One of my selection criteria that I stick to pretty strictly is requiring a streak of at least 5 years of dividend increases. Without that history of dividend growth, I don't feel confident investing for the long run. STOR is a new REIT and dividend payer. While it is possible that STOR could provide more growth than O and OHI, I wouldn't be in investor until at least 5 years of dividend increases.

  3. DivGro,
    I really like that CMI buy under $135. I was looking to pick some up in the $135 area but missed the opportunity as it quickly recovered. Great company and excellent dividend policy.

    I'm also very impressed with your writing goals. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks, RBD! You may get an opportunity to pick up shares of CMI under $135 in the near future. Looking at trend lines on a 1-year chart, you'll notice that CMI bumped up against resistance at $141 and is down below $139 now. It could go lower still with the overall market pulling back. If it goes below my original buy price, I'd be interested in adding more shares...

  4. Nice progress, FerdiS. I like your purchases too - I own OHI and QCOM myself....have looked at CMI as well and really like it as a company.

    You are well on your way to achieve your goals for the year. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks, R2R -- I'm glad to have finally added OHI and QCOM. I've been looking at good entry points for those stocks for a while. My timing on OHI was not all that great, but I'm fine with that. Over the long run, I think I'll be a happy investor. OHI is a great REIT.

      My financial and writing goals are in good shape. My body needs much more work, though :-)

  5. Great progress this month and so far this year! Sorry if you have mentioned this before but do you reinvest your dividends into the stock that paid it? Or do you include dividends received in your cash deposits for future purchases? Thanks.

    1. I don't reinvest dividends but rather collect the cash for future purchases. The main reason is I don't like dealing with small lots of stocks. Some people don't care about this so much, but I track yield on cost and figuring that out with automatically reinvested dividends would be too much work.

    2. Got it, thanks. I currently reinvest the dividends automatically in my smaller portfolio that I just started because my dividend income is very low. It would take too long to accumulate enough to make a purchase, even when counting my contributions. For my retirement portfolio, which is much larger, I do the same as you. Thanks for the response.

    3. It makes sense to automatically reinvest dividends, especially if you can do it commission free. I just don't like dealing with many small lots of stocks. At Scottrade, there is a flexible reinvestment plan in which you can deposit small dividends into a separate "account" until it totals to a large enough amount to buy another stock, commission free.

  6. Hi DivGro, congrats! Very, very nice passive income stream you got there. Its nearly like a sidejob. Stay on this way.

    Best wishes from Germnay


    1. Hi Sebastian -- thanks for your kind remark. For me it is definitely a side job, as my real job is demanding lots of (increasing) attention these days.



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