Monday, August 17, 2015

16 Dividend Increases, August 3 To August 14, 2015

Includes: CAE • DOV • HSY • IFF • ITW • IVZ • KLAC • MAIN • MIC • MON • NDSN • PPL • RBA • RECN • SMG • WTR 


  • In the last 2 weeks, 16 companies on my watch list of dividend growth stocks announced dividend increases. 
  • I monitor dividend increases for stocks in my portfolio to track yield on cost and to update projected annual dividend income.
  • Regular dividend increases indicate an expectation of future earnings growth. I use this process to help identify candidates for further analysis.

To see the list of companies that announced dividend increases, please read this article at Seeking Alpha.


  1. Always love reading about dividend increases. The secret sauce to being a long term dividend growth investor.

    1. Indeed! There are some good names on that list, worth taking a look at!

  2. I think your about to get your head handed to you on a silver platter. The markets are going to correct severely. You would have done well to see this correction coming (technical charting would have done that for you), sold off, gone into cash and bought back lower. Your profit margin would be higher and these dividends will lower anyway as the world slumps further into a deflationary depression. It is written across global markets. The world is awash in debt. Credit is seizing up and people are operating on that same credit.

    1. I always enjoy comments like yours. You probably foresaw the market drops in 2001/2 and 2007/8, sold off, gone into cash and bought back lower. Now you're rich and have time to admonish dividend growth investors to rather be traders. Thank you, but I like the idea of being able to buy more shares when the market drops and to earn more dividends that way!


  3. Thanks for sharing your 16 companies watch list . What all the Upcoming dividends on the next month pipeline.

    1. Thanks, but I'm not interested in mutual funds, only individual stocks.


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