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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Monthly Review: October 2015

I wrote my monthly review for September 2015 less than a week ago and here we have the October review already! I'm catching up with my blog admin, so hopefully I'll have some time for more interesting articles in the days and weeks to come...

As I mentioned in my Q3-2015 quarterly review, I have some big plans for the months ahead. I'm planning to sell some stocks I no longer believe should be in my portfolio and I'm planning to merge the holdings in my Scottrade account with my DivGro holdings. More on that later!

Dividend income in October was a little disappointing. One of my stocks, PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust (NYSE:PMT), cut its dividend by 23%. I will probably sell my PMT shares in the coming week. Also, I no longer own shares of Baxter International Inc (NYSE:BAX), which would have paid a dividend in October.

Fortunately, projected monthly dividend income continued to increase and as long as that number goes up, I'm happy! Here is a chart showing dividends received by month and the projected monthly dividend income of DivGro:

October Highlights

I received $364 in dividend income in October, just barely above the $358 I received in the year-ago quarter. That is an increase of only 1.7%.

Yesterday, on the last trading day of October, I added 47 shares of ConocoPhillips (NYSE:COP). I'm busy writing an article to explain why I decided to add shares of COP, so be on the lookout for that article. Below are the transactions I've captured in DivGro this month:

  • Purchases
    • 2015-10-30: Buy 47 shares of COP @ $53.93
    • Dividends
      • 2015-10-01: Cash Dividend Receipt PNNT: $60.20
      • 2015-10-09: Cash Dividend Receipt MO: $42.38
      • 2015-10-14: Cash Dividend Receipt PM: $66.30
      • 2015-10-15: Cash Dividend Receipt O: $19.05
      • 2015-10-15: Cash Dividend Receipt VNR: $21.15
      • 2015-10-15: Cash Dividend Receipt STWD: $52.80
      • 2015-10-15: Cash Dividend Receipt STAG: $16.10
      • 2015-10-21: Cash Dividend Receipt ACE: $16.08
      • 2015-10-28: Cash Dividend Receipt GPS: $13.80
      • 2015-10-29: Cash Dividend Receipt PMT: $56.40
    • Deposits
      • 2015-10-21: Passive Income Cash Deposit: $240.54
      • 2015-10-28: November Cash Deposit: $2,500.00

    Changes in Projected Annual Dividend Income:
    • The purchase of 47 COP shares added $139.12.
    • OHI's dividend increase added $5.60.
    • AFL's dividend increase added $4.00.
    • ETP's dividend increase added $8.00.
    • STAG's dividend increase added $1.39.
    • PMT's dividend decreased subtracted $67.20.
    • Projected annual dividend income (31 October 2015): $7,046.89.

    Dividend Summary:
    • Dividend income last month: $763.92
    • Dividend income this month: $364.26
    • Total dividend income year-to-date: $5,200.47


    The stock market recovered nicely after the correction in August and September.

    Source: Yahoo! Finance

    Sep 30, 2015
    DOW: 16,284.70S&P 500: 1,920.0310-YR BOND: 2.06%
    Oct 31, 2015
    DOW: 17,663.54S&P 500: 2,079.3610-YR BOND: 2.15%

    In October, the Dow gained 8.47% and the S&P 500 gained 8.30%. In comparison, DivGro gained 7.34%.
    Portfolio: click on the triangle to see a snapshot of DivGro's state on 31 October 2015.

    Goals Progress:
    Below is a chart showing the progress I'm making on my 2015 goals. I've completed 2 goals, I'm on pace with 2 goals, and I'm slightly behind on 2 goals. As far as the remaining 2 goals are concerned, I'm very far behind!

    October Posts

    Including this article, I wrote a total of 6 articles in October. In case you missed any of those articles, here they are:
    1. Quarterly Review: Q3-2015 – explains why I sold this pair of stocks
    2. 17 Dividend Increases, October 19 To October 23, 2015 – 3 stocks with double digit increases!
    3. 12 Dividend Increases, September 21 To October 16, 2015 – includes a raise for OHI
    4. Monthly Review: September 2015 – projected monthly dividend income increased to $580
    5. Recent Buy: Exxon Mobil – averaging down to $78.82 per share
    Looking Ahead: I have enough funds for at least 2 buys. 

    I've updated my Performance page with the latest results. It provides a central place for reviewing DivGro's status and performance relative to the markets and to prior months.

    Thanks for reading and take care, everybody!


    1. Hey Ferdis. Slow and Steady does it. It's nice to see your monthly snapshot. My favorite posts from all the bloggers for sure. Happy for your income stream of over 300 this month! Keep up the hustle and thanks for sharing my friend. Cheers to us bud.

      1. Hi Dividend Hustler -- thanks for you kind words of inspiration! The months of January, April, July, and October are a bit of a yawn as far as dividend income is concerned. But that's OK -- projected monthly dividend income is the number I'm looking at and that continues to rise steadily.

        Take care!

    2. October is a smaller month for many of us. The fact that you pulled in $364 in a down month is inspiring. Keep up the good work Ferdi.

      1. Investment Hunting -- thanks for reading and commenting... I'm happy with $364, just a little annoyed that PMT cut its dividend. Focusing on the bright side, projected monthly dividend income continues to rise, which is what us dividend growth investors want to see!


    3. It seems this October was a tough month for income from a lot of bloggers, myself included. Captain Div also had a pretty small month, a long with yourself. The only thing that matters though is that the projected income keeps increasing! Over $7000 projected is awesome! I'm not quite at that level yet but can't wait to get there.

      Keep up the great work FerdiS. Your goal progress is going very well also.


      1. Hi there, ADD -- yes, it looks like October is just a small dividend income month. I'm happy that my projected annual dividend income keeps rising and it looks like I'm going to reach my goal of $7,500 before year's end.

        Best of luck with your portfolio -- before you know it, you'll be crossing the $7,000 mark too!

    4. Very solid month despite being a slow month. It's nice to see that the projected income keeps growing though. Keep up the great work!

      1. Thanks, Tawcan! Isn't it great to see how a dividend machine just keeps on going even if one takes it a little easy for a month or two?


    5. DivGro

      October mostly slow month , but still you got the growth there, even if is small, your snowball still rolling.

      Sharon - Divorcedff

      1. Hi Sharon -- thanks for commenting! You're right any small growth adds to the snowball and time will just make it grow!

        Take care!


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