Sunday, November 22, 2015

8 Dividend Increases, November 16 To November 20, 2015

Includes: BF.B • BOBE • JCI • LANC • PEP • SU • SYBT • SYY


  • I monitor dividend increases for stocks in my watch list to identify candidates for further analysis and possible investment. 
  • In the past week, 8 companies on my watch list announced dividend increases.
  • Dividend increases that exceed the rate of inflation are great for dividend growth investors.

To see the list of companies that announced dividend increases, please read this article at Seeking Alpha.

The list includes 3 stocks that announced double digit dividend increases and also several MLP stocks that seem to increase their distributions more than once a year!

Please feel free to leave comments on this article either at Seeking Alpha or here, on my blog. I'll do my best to respond to each comment as quickly as possible.


  1. Those are some nice increases. Thanks for compiling the list and sharing


    1. You're welcome, R2R!

      I would be super happy with a dividend increase of 30% (Suncor Energy)!


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