Monday, September 5, 2016

10 Dividend Growth Stocks For September 2016


  • I rank a selection of the CCC dividend growth stocks every month. The top 10 ranked stocks are great candidates for further analysis. 
  • The CCC list is an invaluable source for dividend growth investors. Every month I use different screens to trim the list before doing a preliminary ranking.  
  • For the top ranked stocks, I do a final ranking using additional data and assign a 7-star rating.
  • This article reveals the top 10 ranked stocks for September, as well as their ratings.

To see the top 10 ranked stocks for August, please read this article at Seeking Alpha.

Comparing the top 10 stocks to last month's list, I see 6 newcomers in the top 10. Perhaps these stocks are worth looking at! The top 10 stocks include 5 DivGro holdings!

Please feel free to leave comments on this article either at Seeking Alpha or here, on my blog. I'll do my best to respond to each comment as quickly as possible.


  1. The one stock i am slowly adding is DIS.I hesitated buying MMM at 159 earlier this year.

    1. In my view, DIS is a great buy right now! It it weren't my biggest holding, I would be adding shares!

      MMM is trading at least 10% above fair value. I wouldn't buy at this level right now!

  2. Excellent list DivGro! I own 3 of the stocks in the list. If I ever start on dividend investing, i'll know where to look for recommendations. :)

    1. Hi Million Endeavour -- thanks for visiting and commenting. I'm pretty confident in my valuation system picking some good candidates for consideration. But that's what these are, just candidates... everyone should do their own research to make sure their investment money is spent well. All the best and I hope you're successful in whatever strategy you choose to follow!

  3. I like your choices Ferdi, though like Desi said - if I were an American I'd be interested in Disney the most out of your list.


    1. I agree with Desi (and with you!) -- DIS is a great stock trading at a good discount to fair value. The one thing about DIS that puts people off is the yield. I'm OK with the yield as I'm boosting it with options. Of course, options are not for everyone, so if one decides to invest in DIS, you've got to be OK with the yield.


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