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Saturday, September 23, 2017

A Special Offer from Dividend Stocks Rock

I've been corresponding with Mike McNeil for a while now and his guest post How to invest $100,000 in dividend growth stocks is the most popular guest post on DivGro so far.

For those of you that don't know, Mike is the owner and portfolio manager at Dividend Stocks Rock and he authors two other blogs about dividend investing, The Dividend Guy and Dividend Monk.

In this article, I'm reviewing Dividend Stocks Rock and relaying a special subscription offer from Mike, valid only through Monday, 25 September 2017. He has a 60-day no questions asked reimbursement policy, so you have plenty of time to evaluate Dividend Stocks Rock with no risk to you.

Dividend Stocks Rock provides various tools and model portfolios for investors wanting to manage their own portfolio. Additionally, Dividend Stocks Rock offers a stock ranking system with buy, sell, or hold recommendations; stock cards providing concise stock reviews; trade alerts announcing buys and sells; and a premium newsletter published twice monthly.

About Mike

Mike has a bachelor's degree in finance-marketing and an MBA in financial services. He started his career in the financial industry in 2003.

Soon after starting his career, Mike borrowed money to start investing in the stock market. Initially, he traded aggressively and did quite well, but, like many of us, he learned some important lessons and switched to dividend growth investing.

In 2013, Mike founded Dividend Stocks Rock to educate do-it-yourself investors and to make investment decisions easier. He feels strongly that investors should not pay someone else 2% of their portfolio to manage their money.

In 2016, Mike decided to take a whole year off to travel across North and Central America with his wife and three children. He chronicled this life-changing adventure in 24 On the road blog posts, and it was wonderful following their journey and adventures.

Upon returning, Mike decided to quit his job as a private banker and to pursue his dream to help others through his investment websites on a full-time basis.

Overview of Dividend Stocks Rock

Available on a subscription basis, Dividend Stocks Rock provides several tools and model portfolios for DIY investors.

It also offers a stock ranking system with buy, sell, or hold recommendations; stock cards providing concise stock reviews; trade alerts announcing buys and sells; and a premium newsletter published twice monthly.

Dividend Stocks Rock follows the same strategy that Mike uses to manage his own portfolio. The strategy is based on the following seven principles:
  • Principle #1: High Dividend Yield Doesn’t Equal High Returns
  • Principle #2: Focus on Dividend Growth
  • Principle #3: Find Sustainable Dividend Growth Stocks
  • Principle #4: The Business Model Ensure Future Growth
  • Principle #5: Buy When You Have Money in Hand – At The Right Valuation
  • Principle #6: The Rationale Used to Buy is Also Used to Sell
  • Principle #7: Think Core, Think Growth
Subscribers are encouraged to take the following steps to maximize their Dividend Stocks Rock subscription:

✓ Pick Portfolio

Dividend Stocks Rock manages 12 different portfolios, customized for different risk profiles and by portfolio size.  Six of the portfolios focus on US markets, while the other six focus on Canadian markets. You can start small (with up to $10,000) and choose a conservative or growth risk profile, and work your way up to the $500k portfolio.

Each portfolio has an accompanying booklet detailing the portfolio's assets, fundamentals, and overall performance. The booklet is updated regularly and contains commentary on current holdings, buy or sell recommendations, updated rankings, and stock cards providing concise stock reviews and fair value estimates.

There are 12 such booklets – above I show the front covers of the six US market portfolios.

The portfolio returns since inception are quite impressive. The inception date for all portfolios is 31 October 2013, except for the 500k portfolios, which were created on 31 May 2014.

✓ Screen Rock Solid Ranking 

The Rock Solid Ranking is a list of handpicked companies ranked by upside potential. The ranking system uses a dividend discount model to determine fair values estimates for great dividend growth stocks. Every month, Dividend Stocks Rock updates the current stock price and determines the potential upside (+) or downside (–) of all stocks tracked, along with buy, sell, or hold ratings. Below is a screenshot showing the Rock Solid Rankings of three stocks:

✓ Scan Stock Cards

The Stock Cards are concise, 2-page reviews on stocks selected for Dividend Stocks Rock's portfolios. There are more than 100 stock cards available, and subscribers can ask additional stock cards for any stocks not yet reviewed!

The stock cards provide the information you need to quickly make decisions. They provide sections for Dividend Stocks Rock's investment thesis in addition to fundamentals, potential risks, dividend growth prospects, and stock valuations.

Below are downloadable samples of two stock cards, courtesy of Mike:

✓ Read Premium Newsletter

The premium newsletter is published twice monthly and reviews specific industries and topics. The first issue, published on the first Friday every month, covers recent market events and identifies the best moves to make. The second issue follows two weeks later and updates Dividend Stock Rock's buy lists.

The newsletter also is the main way that Dividend Stock Rock communicates with readers to share buy and sell decisions related to the model portfolios. Dividend Stock Rock also publishes quarterly reviews showing portfolio performances and an end-of-year special edition listing the best dividend stocks to hold for the new year.

Subscribers have full access to the complete archive of newsletters and so can read about previous trades and industry trends.

Is Dividend Stocks Rock For You?

If you read my blog it's because you're serious about investing. I'm guessing you're well-informed about the financial markets and hopefully, you appreciate my input. But, like me, you may be struggling to find value in this overpriced market. You may not have the time to research stocks, or you just want to follow an experienced investor with a proven track record.

I’ll be transparent with you – I'll receive a commission if you subscribe to Dividend Stocks Rock. But I'm not recommending Dividend Stocks Rock (only) for the money. I appreciate Mike's perspectives and the tools he offers with Dividend Stocks Rock. 

While we don't always share the same opinion about investing, I appreciate Mike's contrarian viewpoints and his passion for sharing his expertise and knowledge. Certainly, now that Mike is managing Dividend Stocks Rock full-time, I'm excited to see his service go from strength to strength!

So, to answer the question...

Mike is offering my readers a deep discount price of $77 per year. If you subscribe now and as long as you remain a subscriber, your annual subscription fee will never increase! Furthermore, the offer includes a 60-day reimbursement policy – if you give Dividend Stocks Rock a try and find you don't like it, just email Mike at dividendustries@gmail.com and he will reimburse your subscription fee.

So, I suggest you secure this deep discount price and subscribe today. Take a good month or so to evaluate Dividend Stocks Rock, get some stock ideas, view the model portfolios, and read the reports with valuations and rankings. If after a month you don’t like it, you can cancel your subscription for a full refund. Just be sure to do it before 60 days go by.

This offer is valid only through 25 September 2017. On Tuesday, September 26, Mike is raising the price to $277 per year, so subscribe now!

Full Disclosure: I have not received monetary compensation for this review, but I will receive a commission from Mike McNeil if you choose to subscribe to Dividend Stocks Rock through the link below. Thanks for your consideration and I hope you give the subscription a try!

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