Tuesday, September 1, 2020

5 High-Quality Dividend Growth Stocks I Don't Own

Using DVK Quality Snapshots, I assess the quality of dividend growth stocks in Dividend Radar, a weekly auto-generated spreadsheet of stocks with dividend increase streaks of at least five years.

Stocks with quality scores of 23-25 are high-quality stocks and I rate them Excellent (23-24) and Exceptional (25). There are 31 Excellent and 7 Exceptional stocks in Dividend Radar.

I own all but 5 of these high-quality stocks. This article explains why I don't own these stocks and what would need to happen before I would consider opening positions.

The article provides quality indicators, key metrics, and fair value estimates of the 5 high-quality stocks and I explain why I don't own any of them. Under the right circumstances, I wouldn't mind adding one or more of these stocks to my portfolio. The article explains what those are.

To see which 5 high-quality stocks in Dividend Radar I don't own, please read this article at Seeking Alpha.

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