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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Dividend Increases: March 6-12, 2021

This weekly article series provides a summary of dividend changes announced for stocks in Dividend Radar, a weekly automatically generated spreadsheet listing stocks with dividend streaks of five years or more. 

We present a summary table with relevant data and key statistics of all dividend increases. Additionally, we provide a snapshot analysis of one of the stocks we think is worth considering.

In the past week, nine companies in Dividend Radar announced dividend increases, including one of the stocks I own

As a dividend growth investor, my objective is to identify high-quality dividend growth [DG] stocks trading at reasonable valuations. That's a tough task, though, as high-quality DG stocks often trade at premium valuations. I monitor dividend increase announcements and select a high-quality stock (according to DVK Quality Snapshots) for consideration. 

To read about these announcements and review the high-quality candidate, please read this article at Seeking Alpha.  

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  1. It sucks not being able to read your articles on seeking alpha anymore now that they made it subscription-only. Please consider adding your full articles here (maybe after they made you money there)

    1. Yeah, sorry about that... it's something I have little control over. At this point of my investment journey, spending so much time researching and writing articles for no compensation is just not worth the time and effort. The "freemium" model doesn't pay the bills, not for me and not for SA.

      Your suggestion can't work, either. Only "exclusive" articles earn income on SA.


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