Tuesday, May 25, 2021

7 High-Quality Dividend Growth Stocks Trading Below Fair Value

As a dividend growth investor, I invest in high-quality dividend growth stocks trading at reasonable valuations. I use DVK Quality Snapshots to assess the quality of dividend growth stocks and systematically determine fair value estimates for all the dividend growth stocks in Dividend Radar.

This article presents seven undervalued dividend growth stocks. One stock is rated Exceptional with a perfect quality score of 25, while the others are rated Excellent with quality scores of 23-24 (out of 25). Based on closing prices on Monday, 24 May, these stocks are available at discounts of 1%-19% to my fair value estimates.

I've been looking hard for high-quality stocks trading at discounts to my fair value estimates. Given that the markets have been making new highs for quite a while now, this task is getting harder by the day. Sometimes, I wonder how long this trend can continue! 

As always, I encourage readers to do their own due diligence before buying any stocks I highlight. 

Please read this article at Seeking Alpha. 

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