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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

7 Best Energy Sector Dividend Stocks

As a dividend growth investor, I look to diversify my portfolio by investing in different sectors. Doing so helps to mitigate risk. Some sectors perform better than others in different economic conditions.

Since we don’t know which sectors will outperform the S&P 500 this year and in future years, it is sensible to consider investing in different sectors. 

In this article series, I present the top-ranked dividend growth stocks in each GICS sector. My watch list for candidates is Dividend Radar, a list of stocks trading on U.S. Exchanges with dividend increase streaks of at least five years. The list is updated and published every Friday and is available for download here. The latest edition (dated July 2, 2021) contains 761 stocks and 22 Energy sector stocks. 

This article presents the seven top-ranked dividend growth stocks in the Energy sector.

Companies within the Energy sector are directly or indirectly involved in producing and distributing the energy needed to power the economy. Energy companies are sometimes categorized based on how the energy is sourced, either from renewable or non-renewable sources. 

The Energy sector includes companies involved with oil and gas drilling and production, pipeline and refining, mining, renewable energy, and specialty chemicals.

To see the seven top-ranked dividend growth stocks in the Energy sector, read this article at These dividend growth stocks are all trading at discounted valuations!

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