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Monday, December 6, 2021

7 Dividend Growth Stocks For December 2021

Welcome to another edition of my monthly 7 Dividend Growth Stocks series in which I present seven high-quality dividend growth stocks for further analysis and possible investment.

I apply different screens every month to narrow down my watch list of more than 730 dividend growth stocks, Dividend Radar. Changing the screens from month to month highlights different aspects of dividend growth [DG] investing. For example, value investors tend to look for deep discounts, income investors prefer higher-yielding stocks, and growth-oriented investors favor higher DG rates.

This month, I used a defensiveness scoring system developed by David Van Knapp as my primary screen. The system awards points based on satisfying common notions of safety rather than for being in a certain economic sector. Additionally, I screened for stocks trading below my risk-adjusted Buy Below prices.

The latest Dividend Radar (dated December 3, 2021) contains 733 stocks. Of these, 56 have defensiveness scores of 11 or 12, but only 29 trade below my risk-adjusted Buy Below price.

I own six of these stocks in my DivGro portfolio. 

To see this month's seven top-ranked stocks, please read this article at

Please note that I'll continue to publish my monthly series 10 Dividend Growth Stocks on Seeking Alpha. I use different screens for each of these article series, so they won't cover the same stocks. 

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