Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hello, World!

Welcome to yet another dividend growth investing blog! I've been inspired by several similar blogs to create my own dividend growth portfolio and to share my thoughts while managing it.

My main goal with this portfolio is to generate a reliable and growing dividend income stream. By publicly keeping track of this portfolio and interacting with like-minded investors, I hope to become a better dividend growth investor and to provide useful information to others in the process.

I've been dabbling in the stock market for more than 10 years, as a hobbyist, using somewhat aggressive strategies. While I've been quite successful so far, I need to start counterbalancing that approach with a more conservative, income-generating approach.

Currently, the blog is organized as follows:
  • Home: Posts about portfolio updates and monthly reviews. 
  • Portfolio: Content and market value of portfolio, updated monthly. 
  • Dividends: A calendar-like table to track dividend income. 
  • Charts: One-year price charts of stocks in portfolio. 
  • Performance: Regular reviews of portfolio performance. 
  • Goals: Overall and annual goals for portfolio. 
  • Watch List: Presents a list of candidate dividend growth stocks. 
  • About: Summary statement of portfolio constitution and investment strategy. 
  • Disclaimer: I'm not an investment professional... 

Over time, I'll likely add pages and reorganize the layout as needed.

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