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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

22 Dividend Increases: April 16-20, 2018 (Part 2: Remaining Sectors)

Monitoring dividend increases for stocks on my watch is one way to identify candidates for further analysis. I look for announcements from stocks in the CCC list, but I use several screens to limit the number of stocks to monitor.

For example, I require a dividend yield of at least 1.5% for Dividend Challengers and a dividend yield of at least 1.0% for Dividend Contenders and Dividend Champions.

In the past week, 22 companies on my watch list decided to increase their dividends, including one of the stocks I hold in my portfolio. Part 1 presented dividend increases of stocks in the Energy and Financials sectors. This is Part 2, which covers dividend increase announcements from the remaining sectors.

Four increases presented in Part 2 are double-digit increases.

The top increase is from Celanese (CE), a technology and specialty materials company that manufactures and sells value-added chemicals, thermoplastic polymers, and other chemical-based products. CE announced an increase of 17.4% and now yields 1.93% at $111.70 per share.

The runner-up is Parker-Hannifin (PH), a manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, which provides precision-engineered solutions for a range of mobile, industrial and aerospace markets. PH announced an increase of 15.2% and the stock now yields 1.72% at $176.39 per share.

To see details about all the dividend increases in sectors other than the Energy and Financials sectors, please read this article at Seeking Alpha.

As a bonus, I'm including a summary of ex-dividend dates for the next two weeks. Scan the list of stocks to see if there's a stock you want to pick up before the ex-dividend date so you can grab the next dividend.

Please feel free to leave comments on this article either at Seeking Alpha or here, on my blog. I'll do my best to respond to each comment as quickly as possible.

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