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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Top-Ranked Dividend Growth Stocks By Sector

Last week, I published the September edition of my monthly 10 Dividend Growth Stock series.

For this month's edition I ranked 240 CCC stocks, which is significantly more than I usually do! The ranking process is quite involved, as I manually collect data from several sources. Prior to this month's ranking of 240 CCC stocks, I've limited the number to about 50 stocks at a time.

One advantage of ranking so many stocks is that I can review the top-ranked stocks by sector. Dividend growth investors should find these sector-based lists informative, especially for purposes of diversification. This article presents up to 10 top-ranked stocks per sector.

Details on the composition of the 240 CCC stocks can be found in the linked article above. In essence, the list contains quality dividend growth stocks with established track records of paying and regularly increasing dividends.

Overwhelmingly, the stocks are dividend growth stocks with at least 10 consecutive years of dividend increases and have market caps of at least $1 billion. Most of the stocks have current yields of at least 1%, although I gave a free pass to a few dividend growth stocks in my portfolio that yield less than 1%.

To see the top-ranked dividend growth stocks by GICS sector, please read this article at Seeking Alpha.

In the article, I'm presenting up to 10 stocks per sector in rank order. For each sector, I present a summary table with key metrics and fair value estimates. Following the summary table, I provide my star ratings for each stock (out of 7 stars).

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