Sunday, September 16, 2018


Today I'm celebrating posting article number 700 at DivGro!

I posted my first DivGro article on 10 January 2013. After blogging for 2,076 days, my articles on DivGro have seen more than 1.23 million page views. I'm averaging an article every 2.97 days and about 10.2 articles every month...

The last time I wrote a Milestones article such as this one was 4 June 2017. That article was number 500 and my page views totaled 832,549 at an average of about 516 page views per day.

Now I'm averaging about 594 page views per day. In the past month or so, DivGro averaged about 950 page views per day.

Number of articles and page views are nice numbers to track and I'm happy to celebrate these milestones, but DivGro is all about generating a reliable and growing dividend income stream, so tracking DivGro's projected annual dividend income (PADI) is much more relevant.

In fact, I think it is such an important number that I have a special panel displaying the current PADI of my DivGro portfolio:

DivGro's PADI now stands at $21,467, which means I can expect to receive $1,789 in dividend income per month, on average, in perpetuity, assuming the status quo is maintained. I'm looking forward to reaching the $2,000 milestone in average dividend income per month!

Because I invest in dividend growth stocks, I expect the companies I've invested in not only to continue paying dividends but to increase them over time! And, until I retire, I hope to continue to reinvest dividends, so DivGro's PADI should continue to grow through dividend growth and through compounding!

Looking at my goals for 2018,  I've already realized my goal to increase PADI to $18,500. Given that PADI now stands at $21,467, perhaps my goal was not stretching enough! As for dividend income, I've collected $12,809 so far in 2018, which is 71% of my goal of earning $18,000 in 2018. It looks like I'll achieve that goal just in time, sometime in December!

My goal with these milestone articles is to encourage other dividend growth investor (DGI) bloggers to keep going! I've learned so much from reading other blogs, but I've seen many blogs falling by the wayside, too. So please stay vigilant and continue blogging so we can all continue to learn!

Thanks for reading and for your continued support!


  1. I also believe that your site and your articles are good too. I'm glad to be together with you in the Dividend Heroes group. Good luck and lots of dividend income.

    1. Thanks, Osztalék -- I appreciate your kind words! Take care and happy investing, and I wish you lots of dividend income, too!

  2. Awesome stuff Ferid! Over 700 posts and nearly 6 years of blogging is fantastic. This DGI blog world has grown so much since I started and it's great to see the progress that everyone's making. Keep it up!

    1. Hi, PIP -- thanks for your comment and kind words. You've been walking along on this journey, too, and I've learned a lot from your site! Take care and happy investing!


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