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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

5 Discounted Dividend Contenders

The Dividend Contenders are companies listed on U.S. exchanges that have dividend increase streaks of 10-24 years. There are 315 Dividend Contenders in my watchlist of dividend growth stocks, Dividend Radar, a free resource for DG investors maintained and published every Friday by Portfolio Insight

This article presents five high-quality Dividend Contenders that are discounted and offer generous and safe dividends and strong total return prospects. 

To assess the quality of dividend growth stocks, I use DVK Quality Snapshots. The system assigns quality scores to dividend growth stocks based on indicators of quality from trusted sources. To rank dividend growth stocks, I sort them by quality scores and use tie-breaking metrics when necessary.

In many of my articles, I provide fair value estimates of the stocks I cover. There are many ways to do stock valuation, but I prefer to use a survey approach. I reference fair value estimates and price targets from several sources and calculate a single, representative fair value [FV]. 

The five Dividend Contenders have quality scores in the range of 19-25 and are discounted to my FV.

In this article at, see how I use stringent screens to winnow 315 Dividend Contenders down to five high-quality, discounted candidates!

Thanks for reading and happy investing!
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  1. looks like the link to the article is broken

  2. Excellent work as usual, Ferdi. I recently bought more LMT, and have sold cash secured puts on BMY and AMGN with November expiration dates.

    You need to fix your link to the article, though I knew where to find the article since I am a huge fan of your work and read everything you write.

    1. I was offline the past week; sorry for the delay in fixing the link!

      It is correct now.


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