Monday, June 9, 2014

A glimpse of six figures...

This morning when I checked my account balance, it had crossed the six figure mark for the briefest of time! Six figures! After having started DivGro about 18 months ago, this is certainly a great milestone to reach.

In the 18 months of managing DivGro, my deposits totaled $84,000. DivGro has earned near $2,500 in dividend income, so my capital gains are approaching $13,500. I'm quite pleased with DivGro's performance and I'm on track to meeting my goals for 2014.

In my last milestones post (in March), I speculated that I should reach six figures sometime in August. Well, the bull market has done me a huge favor – I've reached that milestone two months earlier than expected!

 May 1, 2014
 daily average: 103 page views
 June 5, 2014
 daily average: 115 page views
      Since March, my blog has logged an additional
      20,000 page views. The daily page views now
      average well over 100, which I'm very quite
      happy with! Of course, getting about 10,000
      page views per month works out at more like
      333 page views per day, so the overall average
      should continue to rise steadily.

I'm making good progress towards meeting my goals for 2014. Today represents the 44% mark of 2014. DivGro's projected annual dividend income now stands at $4,295, or 89% of my goal of $4,800. I'm also well ahead of my goal to write at least 72 posts this year. This is my 44th post of 2014, or 61% towards meeting that goal.

The one goal that is trailing is dividend income – at $1,150 I'm currently at 32% towards my goal of $3,600 for the year. However, June should be a great month for dividend income, so hopefully I can start catching up...

Thanks for reading!


  1. Congratulations on reaching a milestone. I can't wait to reach 6 figures in my portfolio. The market has done very well. And I hope the trend continues for the investors out their who are just starting out. I consider myself a beginner and I am hoping by investing in small increments vs. one large sum will benefit me in the long run. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks DM!

      As a dividend growth investor, I think one should focus on the valuation of individual stocks rather than be concerned with the market trend.

      Most investors do not have a large sum available to invest. If I had a large sum available to invest, I would buy shares of several dividend growth stocks that are trading at a discount to fair value and start benefiting from dividend income as soon as possible.

      Buying in small increments rather than in one large sum will only be beneficial if the market turned from its current bullish trend. We can't know when that will happen, though.

      To be clear, I wouldn't invest a large sum of money in a single stock. I would spread risk by investing in several dividend growth stocks that, in my estimation, are trading at a discount to fair value.

      Good luck!

  2. Congrats on crossing $100k! Especially in just 18 months that's really awesome. Next up is $200k. If the markets would cooperate and give us a bit of a pullback I'd be able to put a bunch of cash that I've got on the sidelines to work.

    1. Thanks! I'm happy to have reached this milestone in a relatively short time!

      Considering my reply to Dividend Mongrel, I'm curious why you have cash on the sidelines instead of working for you? Don't you think there are worthy candidates available that are trading at a discount to fair value?

    2. It wasn't really planned. Towards the end of last year and throughout most of this year I had been saving up cash to possibly use for a rental property purchase. I'm leaning more towards not doing that although I'd really like to and I think the current interest rates are making it very compelling. I'm going to try and contact a turnkey operation to see what kind of info I can gather from them on what they have to offer but I think we'll most likely lean more towards staying with the dividend stocks. So that's why I'm sitting on around $30k cash with more to come every month. I could really use a pullback to get much better valuations but I'm investing a bit of capital to try and get some working for me and will revisit the rental property later. Unless we get a really sizable pullback I'll look to slowly get this money invested and then build up cash later if we do move forward on a rental property. That's the advantages of a high income with a high savings rate!

    3. Oh, that makes total sense. Diversifying into real estate is a great reason to have cash on hand, ready to be deployed when an opportunity knocks. I recently cashed out much of my other portfolios (not DivGro!) to gather enough cash to buy a new house, so we could turn our previous house into a rental property. At 4.25% for a jumbo loan, I think we got a great rate. Good luck with whichever way you go!

    4. Just got my $3,400 dividend (well...OK...rental real estate check) in the mail. Rental real estate is an excellent diversification of an income producing portfolio. I'm doing things in reverse of most of you dividend guys (Make no mistake, I'm a strong believer in dividend growth portfolios.) However, I started with the real estate income and will morph into a DG portfolio when my rental real estate mortgages are paid off in full. Stop by and visit:

    5. Hi Curtis Elliot! Thanks for stopping by -- I checked out your blog and it looks quite interesting. Great to live in a region where rental house opportunities exist for less than $100k!

      Personally, I don't want to deal with too many rental real estate properties. I guess its a matter of taste and personality. I find investing in DG stocks very satisfying and relatively low maintenance!

      Take care and good luck with paying off your rental properties!

  3. Reaching 100k is an amazing feat! I hope to get at that point in the coming years, but numbers like yours really make for great motivation!

    Also congrats with the increase in pageviews, it is always nice when you notice people reading your posts and see them return!



    1. Thanks DW! Hang in there and you'll be writing a similar post sooner than you think... When I started, I didn't expect to reach 100k in only 18 months.

      Good luck!

  4. Congrats on reaching that milestone! Although Dividend stocks are not our primary investment tool, we do strive to have a six-figure portfolio one day. Way to go...18 months is impressive, keep up the great work!

    Wishing you continued success in your journey! AFFJ

    1. Thanks, AFFJ -- it is has been quite a journey so far and I certainly didn't think I would be here after "only" 18 months! For us, dividend growth investing is a portion of our total investment portfolio (a larger portion after some recent changes). Recently, we bought a new house and will be turning our second property into a rental.

      Take care!


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