Saturday, May 16, 2020

A New Dividend Champions, Contenders, and Challengers list with Actionable Added Value Metrics

This article was co-produced with James Marino Sr of Portfolio Insight.

Dividend Radar is an automatically generated version of Dividend Champions, Contenders, and Challengers. We use a rules-based and automated system to create and maintain the list using verified, broker-grade data. The approach ensures greater accuracy and consistency than otherwise would be possible. Moreover, a comprehensive and up-to-date list can be generated more frequently, bringing significant benefits to active dividend investors.

Our plan is to publish weekly on Friday as a free resource for dividend investors.

Here are the benefits of Dividend Radar:

Free for individual and commercial use
Based on broker-grade data that is verified for consistency
Fully automated to avoid manual counting errors and inconsistencies
Produced every Friday with current market data
Modernized and streamlined, with added value components
Up-to-date DGRs calculated on a trailing twelve-month basis
More accurate and relevant fundamental data
Built on a platform that will support future enhancements

To read more about Dividend Radar and how it can be used to find candidates for further research, please read this article at Seeking Alpha.

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  1. Hi there - great start, IMHO! Clean, easy to use, nice layout etc. I would love to see a bit more info - FV ranges and how far current price is (from 15X and from avg PE) :) Also, I would love to see min, max and avg dividend (similar to Dividend Growth columns) and current dividend vs that - that would give me an idea if current entry point (from divi standpoint) is a good one :)

    Awesome work and thanks for doing heavy lifting for all of us!

    1. Thanks for commenting!

      I think we might add the high and low of FV and leave it up to users how they want to use it.

      Do you mean dividend yield (avg, min, max)? compared with current dividend yield?

    2. Right, you have Dividend Growth columns that show 1, 3, 5, 10 years - I would think similar metrics can be calculated for other things - e.g. avg P/E over 1/3/5/10 years, dividend yield, just a question of how much data is enough :) But if I know that current yield of 5% vs. avg 2.5% over 10 years - that might be an interesting point of entry. It's also "good to know" that 5% is higher than max yield in the last 10 years...

    3. I think we want to be careful not to add too much data, but we're definitely going to be adding more. We want to make the spreadsheet as useful as possible, without making it unwieldy.

      As for average yield, we already have a suggestion submitted to add that.

      Full disclosure, though. The likelihood of adding average yield metrics being included in the free Dividend Radar spreadsheet is low. My collaborators are launching a web application Portfolio Insight soon and average yield will most likely become one of the features offered for the benefit of subscribers.

      I hope you can appreciate that not everything can be free.

    4. I can understand that and very grateful for everything you do!

  2. I am new to investing and receiving dividends. I study all possible ways of investing. Thank you for sharing this information and your experience!

    1. You're welcome, Daniel Johnson -- congratulations on starting your journey to becoming a dividend growth investor. All the best and happy investing!

  3. Hey I noticed a MDT hasn't been updated with their new dividend rate of 0.58 per qtr

    1. You're right! I'll forward your message to my collaborators for investigation. Thanks for alerting me!


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