Monday, May 18, 2020

Dividend Changes: May 9-15 2020

This weekly article series provides a summary of dividend changes.

I monitor dividend change announcements for stocks listed in Dividend Radar, a weekly auto-generated spreadsheet of stocks with dividend streaks of five years or more.

Dividend Radar provides up-to-date fundamentals and added value data, including total trailing returns, a fair value indicator, and trailing dividend growth rates.

A summary table provides relevant data and key metrics of companies that announced dividend increases. A section on recent dividend cuts and suspensions also is included.
Last week, three companies in the Dividend Radar list announced dividend increases, while two companies announced dividend cuts and two suspended their dividends.

This week's top increase is from Materion Corporation (MTRN), a company that manufactures and sells advanced engineered materials worldwide. MTRN announced an increase of 4.55% and now yields 0.91% at $50.52 per share.

To see details of the increases announced in the last few weeks, please read this article at Seeking Alpha.

I'm redesigning the summary of upcoming ex-dividend dates with added value metrics. I'm hoping to have this section back next week in its new and improved format!

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