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Monday, September 13, 2021

3 Dividend Kings With Favorable Valuations

The Dividend Kings are companies that have increased their annual dividend payouts for at least 50 consecutive years. This is a remarkable achievement over a time frame that included economic recessions, market crashes, technological revolutions, and shifting consumer tastes. 

Dividend Radar is my watch list of dividend growth stocks. Updated and published weekly, Dividend Radar is an automatically generated spreadsheet listing stocks with five years or more dividend streaks. The latest edition (September 3, 2021) contains 752 dividend growth stocks and only 34 are Dividend Kings.

As a dividend growth investor, I look to invest in high-quality and safe dividend growth stocks trading at reasonable valuations. This article presents five stock selection criteria I usually consider before buying dividend growth stocks for my DivGro portfolio and three Dividend Kings that meet those criteria.

I write a weekly article for

In this week's article, I looked for Dividend Kings with trading below my risk-adjusted Buy Below prices. The stocks have great income and growth prospects and safe dividends. They are high-quality dividend growth stocks with quality scores of 22-23, rated Fine or Excellent

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  1. Not sure how to find the article ? All I find is a link to The Street. Not clear to me at The Street how to find you ?


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