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Friday, September 3, 2021

7 Best Information Technology Sector Dividend Stocks

In this article series, I reveal the top-ranked dividend growth stocks in each GICS sector.

My watchlist of dividend growth stocks in Dividend Radar, a list of stocks trading on U.S. Exchanges with increasing annual dividend payouts for five or more consecutive years. We update and publish Dividend Radar every Friday. The latest edition (dated August 27, 2021) contains 754 stocks, 56 of which are in the Information Technology sector. 

To rank stocks, I sort them in descending order by quality scores, as determined by DVK Quality Snapshots. When two stocks have the same quality score, I use tie-breaking metrics to rank one stock higher than the other. 

This article presents the seven top-ranked dividend growth stocks in the Information Technology sector.

The Information Technology sector is comprised of companies that produce software, hardware, and semiconductor equipment. The three major industry groups within the Information Technology sector are Software & Services, Technology Hardware & Equipment, and Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment. 

To see the seven top-ranked dividend growth stocks in the Information Technology sector, read this article at Four stocks are available at favorable valuations, and I highlight two stocks that present solid opportunities for dividend growth investors.

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