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Saturday, October 8, 2022

10 Dividend Growth Stocks For October 2022

After two months off, I'm back with another edition of my monthly series, 10 Dividend Growth Stocks. In this series, I rank a selection of dividend growth stocks in Dividend Radar and present the ten top-ranked stocks for further research and possible investment. 

I usually rank stocks using DVK Quality Snapshots, but I'm mixing things up a bit this month! I'm experimenting with other quality indicators to replace Value Line's Safety Rank. To learn why I'm looking for a replacement, read this article!

This month, I'm substituting Value Line's Safety Rank with a ranking based on JUST Capital's Overall Rankings of America's largest publicly traded companies. This is an experimental replacement for seeing how quality scoring might be affected. 

I'm using no filter except Dividend Radar membership and quality scores, so the ten stocks I'm presenting this month would be the top-ranked stocks if JUST Capital's Overall Rankings were to replace Value Line's Safety Rank.

The latest Dividend Radar (dated October 7, 2022) contains 722 stocks. Of these, only 363 (or about 50%) have JUST Capital rankings. Furthermore, only 16 stocks have quality scores of at least 24 points, whereas 48 stocks have quality scores of at least 24 points when using DVK Quality Snapshots.

I ranked the sixteen candidates and present the 10 top-ranked stocks for consideration. To break ties, I used JUST Capital's Overall Rankings instead of my usual tie-breakers.

Please read this article at Seeking Alpha to see my ten top-ranked dividend growth stocks for October 2022. As usual, I provide fair value estimates and key metrics for each of these stocks. 

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