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Sunday, December 4, 2022

7 Dividend Growth Stocks For December 2022

Welcome to another edition of my monthly series, 7 Dividend Growth Stocks.  In this series, I present seven dividend growth stocks from Dividend Radar for further analysis and possible investment.

Dividend Radar is a weekly automatically generated spreadsheet of dividend growth stocks with dividend increase streaks of five or more years. It is compiled by Portfolio Insight and provided as a free resource for individual and commercial use, with no registration required.

I use different screens every month to find candidates for further research and possible investment. This month, I decided to screen for high-quality, high-yielding Dividend Achievers trading at reasonable valuations. 

The latest Dividend Radar (dated December 2, 2022) contains 722 stocks. I extracted the Dividend Achievers and screened for stocks yielding at least 3%, stocks discounted to my Buy Below prices, and stocks whose forward yields yield exceed their 5-year average yield. 

Finally, I screened for high-quality stocks with quality scores of at least 20 points, based on a variation of DVK Quality Snapshots in which I replaced Value Line's Safety Rank with Value Lines Price Stability rating. 

After applying all the screens, only nine Dividend Achievers remained. I ranked them and present the seven top-ranked stocks in this article on 

Please note that I publish a similar monthly series, 10 Dividend Growth Stocks, on Seeking Alpha. I use different screens for each article series, so they won't cover the same stocks. 

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  1. What do I need Portfolio Insight for? Thanks

    1. Scroll through the summary of features on this page:

      Soon, Portfolio Insight will release an upgrade that will include Dividend Quality Grades, which will help subscribers determine how likely it is that companies will continue future dividend increases.

  2. I LOVE your internal rate of return. You research hard and you get rewarded.


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