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Monday, January 30, 2023

10 Dividend Growth Stocks – January 2023

Welcome to another edition of my monthly series of 10 Dividend Growth Stocks. In this series, I rank a selection of Dividend Radar stocks and present the ten top-ranked stocks for further research and possible investment. 

This month, I screened for high-quality stocks with great growth and income prospects and very safe dividends. Additionally, I screened for stocks trading at discounted valuations, so this month's stocks offer great value as well! 

I ranked the stocks using a new version of Quality Snapshots in which I added another quality indicator, 
Portfolio Insight's Dividend Quality Grade. 

The Dividend Quality Grade is automatically determined from broker-grade data. 

Portfolio Insight analyzes 20 different metrics over a 10-year timeframe and determines a quality range for each metric using data from Dividend Radar stocks with dividend increase streaks of at least ten years. The analysis is done per GICS sector, so each stock receives a score per metric based on where it falls in the corresponding quality range. Individual scores are weighted and summed, and the total score is mapped to a grade A+ to F. 

The latest Dividend Radar (dated January 27, 2023) contains 728 stocks. Of these, exactly ten stocks pass all of this month's screens. These are very stringent screens, so the stocks in this month's list are the best undervalued stocks available now!

Please read this article at Seeking Alpha to see my ten top-ranked dividend growth stocks for January 2023. As usual, I provide fair value estimates and key metrics for each of these stocks. 

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