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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

10 Years

Today I'm celebrating a decade since founding DivGro!

I posted my first DivGro article on 10 January 2013. After blogging for 3,652 days and writing 1,351 articles (including this one), DivGro has seen more than 3,468,000 million page views! 

I've averaged an article every 2.7 days or about 11.3 articles every month and about 950 page views per day. 

The number of articles and page views are nice numbers to track, and I'm happy to celebrate these milestones. But DivGro is all about generating a reliable and growing dividend income stream, and tracking DivGro's projected annual dividend income (PADI) is much more relevant!

In fact, I think PADI is such an important number that I have a special panel at the top-right of my blog to display it:

DivGro's PADI now stands at $45,885, which means I can expect to receive about $3,823 in dividend income per month, on average, in perpetuity, assuming the status quo is maintained. 

In ten years of dividend growth investing, I've collected more than $200,000 in dividend income, with just more than 23% or $47,646 collected in the last year alone!

The power of dividend growth investing is having your money generate more money through dividend income and doing so at an accelerating rate through dividend growth and reinvestment

The following chart illustrates the power of dividend growth investing best, in my view: 

The chart shows exponential, not linear, growth. Every year, more dividend income is added as compared to the previous year, much like a snowball rolling down a hill that picks up more and more snow with every rotation.  

Below is a table with year-over-year increases in annual dividend income for DivGro:


Note that year-over-year growth of over 20% is only possible with continued capital investments. DivGro's current yield is about 3.12%, whereas its 5-year dividend growth rate is about 9.39%. Dividend reinvestment adds another 3% or so. 

If I can manage to increase DivGro's annual dividend income by 20% per year, then in 2028, the year I turn 67, DivGro should generate a dividend income total of about $142,270. The social security retirement age is 67, though it is expected to increase over the next few years.

Here's to the next ten years, which, hopefully, will take me into retirement and beyond!

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Congratulations! 🎉 I am responsible for a lot of those page views and very much enjoy reading your blog

  2. Hello Ferdi, congratulations to this big milestone! I read and recommend your blog for couple years, finally started last year with my own dividend growth portfolio with monthly investments and it is very satisfying feeling to see, how fast it is growing and already giving back in dividends, love it. I wish you all the best in 2023. Robert

    1. Thanks, Robert! I appreciate your comment. Indeed, dividend growth investing is very satisfying and an amazing way to build wealth (have your money generate more money).


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